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winter time tips and tactics, sight fishing.

Winter time in Florida can present some really unique opportunity's to target fish through sight fishing. During the colder months on Floridas east coast our water quality and clarity becomes much better due to lack of rain, along with cooler water temps killing off algae. Redfish during these months tend to school up and you will also find large seatrout in extremely shallow water. These fish can be difficult to catch if you are using your same tactics as you would in summertime. The best thing to do in the winter is slow down, slow the boat down, slow your presentation down, use more crustation patterns than baitfish and SLOW DOWN! The 90% of fish live in 10% of the water rule is in effect. Your early morning bite and evening bite will also slow down. Where redfish and trout transition onto shallow flats the Snook will transition into inlets along with muddy back creeks and canals where the water is deeper, darker, and warmer. you will also start to see a presence of new species among the flats such as the ever so delicious Pompano and just as tasty Flounder. Pompano are a migratory species, flounder can be found throughout the ICW year round but are more prevalent during winter months. All in all winter time on the east coast of Florida is a great time to get out on the water and enjoy the beautiful weather and some good fishing.

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