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How To Find Good Fishing Spots

Finding new fishing spots can be tough, specially if your fishing a new area. Key things to think about and look for are transitions in habitat. What I mean by this is anywhere you have a habitat changing from one habitat to another a few examples for this in a inshore fishery would be a mangrove shoreline to docks, grass flats with sand potholes, any sudden drop offs from a flat into a channel, mud flats transitioning into grass flats, and mangroves to runoff drains. Fish use these transitions in habitat to help pin bait and ambush prey. As for lures to use, in a new area use your old go to lures( a confidence Bait) as long as the situation allows, when choosing lures think of water depth and Habitat you are fishing to make your choice along with what season it is and the bait fish are feeding on. Time on the water helps with all of these aspects the more you fish the more these things come together to be sucsessful! I Hope this helps, Fish Local Waters.

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